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Friday, November 21, 2008

Techniques Class tonight

The ladies came over early this evening and fun was had by all! At least, that's what they led me to believe. hehe They loved the projects and here is what they did.

Remember, you can always click on the image to get a better view! I've already posted two of the projects they did on that post below this one so I'll just post closer pictures of the remaining projects.

This one was cased from Diana Gibb's blog...I don't have the direct link but it's in there somewhere!

Oooh I wish you could see it in's SOOO glittery! I think this one was a favorite after the Cracked Glass. This was the glitter window...emboss with heat and stick powder and then douse with dazzling diamonds. YUM!

This was stamping on tiles

Cute and simple! Stamped the image in Black Staz-on and then colored in with Stampin' Up! markers. Then sealed it with Patricia Nimlock acrylic sealant.

And finally the last was the box in a bag.

And now I'm spent and ready to crash! Can you hear that?? Hear that jiggling sound? That's the jello that are my legs. I went to a step class (haven't been to one in about a year or so) and I was blessed with squat and lunge a 2139084230984230 times today! I can barely get my rear on the toilet. :( Hopefully I'm not limping around too bad tomorrow.

Hope you have a good one and thanks for getting "in stamping mode!"


Kate's Life said...

Great projects! I love the box in a bag project!
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog- it is greatly appriciated!

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