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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A mini book for MY dad

I actually started this project back in June for my dad's birthday/Father's day...and of course I didn't get far...I'm just slow as molasses trying to do scrapbook matter how small! Anyway, the Verve challenge to make Gifts, Decor, and more really inspired me to get back at it and hopefully finish this to present as a Christmas gift for my dad. Now, my dad is a real sensitive guy (don't tell him you read that here!) and I think that he'll appreciate this a ton. I actually had tears in my eyes putting this together. Here's the cover on an acrylic scalloped square base.

I actually really love how this cover turned out! Lots of dimension with the chipboard all over it.

On the inside of the cover is the first page...him holding me as a newborn. :)

Can you tell by the haircut he was in the military? Or is it that military green shirt that gives it away? LOL!
And onto the next page!

What a handsome man he is! He was so lucky to be blessed with such a chubby baby! hee hee
So I'm not completely done with the mini-book yet, but the pictures progress all the way up to my high school graduation. I hope he cherishes it as I cherish him!

Now...for some quick non-stamping-related stuff :)

Today was "bring a friend day" over at our little friend, Sophia's ballet class. The class is for 2-3 year olds...and well, I think that my Catie might be a little young for the class. She barely lasted 15 minutes, ROFL! Here are a couple pics I wanted to share. :)

She just couldn't stand still! During the stretching routine, she just stood by the door moving her arms in the stretch motions...then she walked around the class a bit, opened the door, and proceeded her merry little way OUT! LOL

She has really been into hair clips lately so she insisted the little blue one stay know 2 year olds and their temper tantrums?! I didn't want to battle one so we just left it on. :)

I'll be back in the morning with my take on Taylor's Sketch Challenge so see you then! Busy night tonight and still a million things to do....


~amy~ said...

a great start on your mini scrapbook!! Your dad is going to love it!! OMGoodness...your girl is darling!!

Juls said...

Your scarpbook is just fab!! love the metel lettering!! and your wee girl is just too cute for words!!

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