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Saturday, November 21, 2009

This one's gonna be a long one

Bear with me folks, I have a lot to share! Let's start with my order of Thanksgiving cards for my jewelry-making guru friend, Kris. I shared with you one of the cards I had made for her a few days back and here are the rest.

The cards together, for a total of 6.

I packaged them carefully in those plastic containers that the stamps from Papertrey come in...GREAT use for them!

LOL, that sunflower is just over the top HUGE! I love it!

I was also busy making little Thanksgiving treats for Harrison's teacher, past teachers, and school Principal. I TOTALLY copied this fantastic idea for treats from Lynn's blog and the packaging for them from Melissa's blog. Thanks you two for such wonderful inspiration!

The wording about the contents and meaning of them were merely printed on a 2"x4" label and adhered to the back. It fit perfect! These are the smaller sized baker bags you can buy from Papertrey by the way!

And finally...last but certainly not least, my good friend Anitra surprised myself and Valeria with the most awesome gift!!! Check it oooooout!

More gorgeous trim and vintagy buttons! She even made that tag..which, was presented just immaculately in a pretty tissue paper-lined Janie and Jack box. How lucky am I?!?! Thanks so much Anitra!! I owe you! Well...actually, you owe me now for making me watch New Moon. :P

Thank you for enduring my super long post..WHEW!

Until next time.......


~amy~ said...

wow girl...chock full of eye candy everything!!!

Rose said...

Beautiful, Melissa! I am in awe, girlfriend. Just amazing. Love your blog banner, too ;)

The Jewelry Geek said...

The cards are fantastic thanks a bunch Melissa!!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Wow, indeed, Melissa. These are all so awesome, I don't know where to begin. You really have such a wonderful variety of designs and styles...I love them ALL.

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