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Friday, October 24, 2008

Heading to San Antonio...and seeing Shelli!

In case you are wondering who Shelli is...well, she is the Founder and ultimate enabler of Stampin' Up! I've had the privilege of seeing her speak AND stamp for the past 4 years. So tomorrow afternoon, I'm heading down to San Antonio to the Stampin' Up! regional event to:
  • hang out with 6 great friends (in 2 rooms, might I add!)
  • stamp with 100s of like-minded SU lovers :)
  • learn new techniques as well as ways to use new product
  • feverishly take pictures of all the display boards
Ok, so I'm re-reading this and it sounds like I'm a stalker and/or fanatic. I'm not! I just have an immense admiration and respect for her! She recently started her own blog and, I must say, she's so REAL in what she writes and shares with everyone. Her blog is definitely aptly named...So Shelli. You can visit her here.

She was recently on a local station there in Utah filming ways to use the Big Shot and beautiful place settings. Since I will be seeing her Saturday, I felt it appropriate that you should see her too!! :) Here is the video she shot and I am SOOO CASEing her projects!

If you are interested in replicating anything you've seen, the full supplies as well as pictures can be viewed at their website here.

Sorry if I don't have a Sauls original™ (by the way, that's not a real trademark...I just think it's so silly and fun!)

I'll be back Saturday evening and hopefully I'll have something then! Thanks so much for stopping by!


Lynn Put said...

Cool video, thanks for sharing!

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