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Monday, October 27, 2008

Uh oh here comes contraband!

Ok, not in a totally bad sense, I mean it's legal and all! There has been a stamp set that I occasionally see that is not Stampin' Up! and I am totally and completely drawn to it. Particularly the bear image...IT'S SO STINKIN CUTE!!! Anyway, when I finally found out the maker and where it was sold I just had to take a peek...clearly for educational purposes only. *wink* Do you ever look at a stamp set and immediately think, OMG that's totally xx person! Well, that's what this stamp set did and I just had to have it. This was impulse shopping at it's finest. Luckily I don't impulse shop at Anthropologie too much but that's a completely different story! :) So I got the stamp set in and had to play right away. This card is for my very good friend Valeria. That girl's always got my back! She will pick things up when she knows that I just neeeed it and just this weekend at Regionals, she got my bagged lunch. She picked the one with the chocolate chip cookies instead of raisins...she knows me. She owes me too! LOL That's totally inside joke...sorry! Here's what I made for her.

It's stamped very simply, but I wanted the message to get across. What's the buzz?...SOOOO appropriate for our conversations! I'm sure you have a girlfriend out there that you like to gab with. :) This bee is stinkin cute but the bear is even cuter! Take a peek at the stamp set here at All that Scraps.

I also got a wild hair and decided I wanted to try my hand at making some scissor charms. I only had enough materials to make two so I made the extra to give to Valeria with this card. Here's both of them together.

This has soo much bling I just am in love with it. Can you tell from the picture that even the bottoms of the charms have Swarovski crystals? The picture just doesn't do it justice I swear! :) Here's a close up though.

I've decided to make this for all of my downline that attended Regionals with me...which is just about my entire downline, LOL! I hope they like it! I'm mailing it with their DVD of photos I took. :)

Thanks so very much for stopping by! Have you stamped something today. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank You Melissa! That was very sweet of you and the card is super cute too. Colors are blend well together. Now, you have to find one that says "what's the CHESSE".

Anonymous said...

love your card-that bee is the "bee's knee's"- i think that's the old, old saying. your scissor charms are also great. really good way to keep track of them at workshops,etc.

Anonymous said...

not really anon - it's carolyn - forgot to sign it

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