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Saturday, October 25, 2008

San Antonio regionals!!!!!!!

San Antonio regionals was definitely worth all those exclamation points! And if you're old enough to remember...2 snaps and a circle...yeah, I'm dating myself again. Me and my crew FINALLY made it home after having to exit the freeway completely, twice in both San Antonio and Austin because of accidents. Oi vey...a trip that should have been 1.5 hours was 3! Was all worth it though. :)
I've come back from Regionals refreshed, motivated, and swimming with card and project ideas. Unfortunately, my brain is mush tonight from excitement and traffic overload that I wasn't able to stamp anything. I admit it, I crashed hard when I put my son to bed and my hubby had to wake me up and get me out of his bed! I do have a couple of things to share though! This first picture is one of the cards on Stampin' Up!'s display board featuring the stamp set Scandinavian Season. I swear, I keep talking myself out of buying this but I'm liking it more and more!

I think it's striking, but yet so simple AND duplicatable! I also love that sentiment. hehehehe :) That sentiment is also from the mini, by the way, in the Season of Cheer rub-ons.

Now, last but certainly not least, was a photo of one of the highlights of the trip. We arrived the day before our Saturday regional and had just checked into the hotel and were milling around the lobby when we run into Shelli and her crew! They had just finished the Friday session and they were chatting it up in the lobby as well. So what did we crazy stamping fanatics that we are?? You guessed it... "SHELLI CAN WE HAVE A PICTURE WITH YOU!?!" She very kindly obliged. :)

Now, in my 4 years of photo opportunities to take with Shelli, I've never taken one. Of course the one time that I finally get a picture with her, I'm wearing my glasses!!! Wraaaahhh! I've had pink eye in both of my eyes and have been stuck in 4-eye mode for the past week. Whatever! I'm thrilled that we all got a picture together. Valeria, on the right, is looking over at Jaron...he's such a cutie!

Tomorrow....I SHALL STAMP!!

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Twila said...

I love your card Melissa, very pretty. How nice of Shelli to stop and take a picture with you all. She did the same thing for us at convention. She is so sweet.

thescrapmaster said...

Beautiful card!

How fun. I am so jealous! It looks like you had a blast.

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